In Memoriam

This is a page dedicated to our beloved horses who have left us to greener pastures. They will forever be remembered and will continue to live on through their sons and daughters.

Latifa (Teymur B X Nadira V) 2005 - 2014

In loving memory, Latifa
In loving memory, Latifa



















Latifa was a stunning Teymur B daughter and Ibn Nejdy Granddaughter (Nejdy x Ghazala), out of Nadira V and traces back to Jamil and 9 Tamria. She was an exquisite broodmare with an amazing pedigree and we were blessed with our time with her. She will live on in her progeny that we are fortunate to have here at Al Jabal Arabians.


LATIFA Pedigree.pdf
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Ghazira (Ibn Ghalion x Saghira) *1992-2014

Ghazira 2010 (Photo Arlette Studer)
Ghazira 2010 (Photo Arlette Studer)

Ghazira was a granddaughter of legendary Ghalion EAO (Morafic x Lubna) and 9 Tamria (Tuhotmos x Kamar). Ghalion was exported from El Zahraa to Babolna, Hungary and later to Germany. Ghazira spent most of her life under the saddle before she retired from sport and started her new career as broodmare. We are so thankful to have had our time with Ghazira.

Ghazira Pedigree
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AR Faranak (Ibn Bint Inas x AR Farida) 2000 - 2013

Faranak 2011 (Photo Martin Kubat)
Faranak 2011 (Photo Martin Kubat)

AR Faranak was a great granddaughter of legendary Tuhotmos (Moniet el Nefous son) - her first (and only) daughter BAA Farasha (x Salaa El Dine) has been sold to Egypt. Unfortunately we have to announce the decease of this beautiful mare in March 2013 but we are greatful to have two of her sons still with us.

AR Faranak Pedigree
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SZ CHIARA *2000 - 2018

One of the very few homozygous black Abayyah's in Europe is now on greener pastures. Her sire Haroun was bred by Dr. Hans Nagel and her grand sire's are Tuhotmos II and Maysoun. She had a sweet temper and was loved by everyone - we miss her!

SZ Chiara Pedigree.pdf
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