Abayyan Arabians are the present day embodiment of their war horse ancestors. 


All of them being descended from the mare El Obeya Om Grees, a grey mare presented to Inshass by King Aziz Ibn Saoud.


Carl Raswan described the Abayyan Arabian Horse as similar to the Saqlawi; beautiful, elegant and showy with a high head and tail carriage, the legs of a racehorse and a wonderful shoulder with enormous ribcage. He credited them with great speed, agility and adequate endurance.


Jewels of the desert - fiery of spirit but with sweet and kind temper with their people.


The History has shown that the Abayyan strain blends well with other strains to produce numerous Champions.


We would like to share with you a bit of information about some (list is not complete) world famous ancestors of our horses - all of them being of the Abayyan Um Jurays strain:

-- Ibn Hafiza

-- El Araby

-- Ibn Shamaa

-- Magidaa

-- Bint Magidaa

-- Ruminaja Ali

-- Ruminaja Fayez

-- Ruminaja Bajhat

-- Alidaar

-- Nabiel

-- Hanan

-- Jamil (Jamilll )

-- Asfour

-- Marah

-- Mona

-- Bilal 1

-- Serenity Montaha

-- Hedar

-- Maddah

-- Ibn Galal 1

-- Salaa el Dine


The substrains of the Abayyan line (most of them bred by the Shammar and Tahawi Bedouins):


  • Abayyan Um Jurays (often also written as Om Grees)
  • Abayyan Seheyli
  • Abayyan Sherrak